stefano carotenuto by michele liberti.jpg

Stefano Carotenuto photographed by Michele Liberti.


One-handed street photographer. Based in Naples, Italy.

I am a full-time IT expert at the National Research Council of Italy. My passion for photography goes back to when, as a child, my father used to entrust me with his Yashica, a very heavy one for a child, especially if he had only one arm, charging me occasionally with film and leaving me free to shoot without too many technicalities, following instinct more than anything.

Later, growing up, I dealt mostly with studying and learning for what would become my job many years later, but that memory settled in my conscience, until it resurfaced in late 2016, when I felt the need to return, almost to case, to shoot, with different awareness.

For years now I have not left home without a compact camera in my pocket, constantly training my gaze, trying to capture moments and scenes that interest me. This has made me free as a human being, more confident and more curious. It is the most beautiful “hobby” in the world, they call it street photography.


2019 | Style Magazine - Corriere della Sera. pp. 186-191.


2019 | Sydney, Comber Street Studios. September 20-22.

2019 | Naples, Paleontology Museum. May 2 - June 8.

2018 | London, Stour Space. August 3-5.

2018 | San Francisco, Harvey Milk Photo Center. June 4-10.

2018 | Bari, Castello Svevo. May 11-21.


2019 | Finalist Single Image Contest - Aussie Street Photography Festival.

2019-2018 | Honorable mention for Non Professionals - International Photography Awards (IPA).

2018 | Winning Image - Life Framer Open Call, judged by Martin Parr.

2018 | Finalist Single Photograph category - London Street Photography Festival.

2018 | Finalist Streets of San Francisco - StreetFoto San Francisco International Street Photography Awards.

2018 | Finalist Street photography category - Luce d'amare contest fotografico.